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5 Ways to Recognize Your Catalyst

Recognizing a catalyst is the first step in the CRUSH Model, and key to achieving the extraordinary. But often it's hard to see it- even if it's right before your eyes. Here's five ways to grab onto your catalyst.

1.) Keep your eyes open.

You have to go through life with curiosity and openness. There are opportunities floating around everywhere at every moment in your day. If you're not curious- if you're not hungry- then you're not searching. You're blind and you're deaf.

You must turn off the auto-pilot.

Start by listening. Read. Devour information. Build your brain muscles up and relentlessly seek out knowledge. This is where it all starts. Open your eyes.

2.) Recognize an initial spark.

We all have shit throughout each day and each week of our lives. Some good. Some bad. These moments- these small wins or heartaches- are all opportunities. Chances for you to dig in. Chances for you to see opportunities.

Were you moved to tears by a beautiful piano song? That's a spark.

Did your older brother completely wax you in the soccer game? That's a spark.

Did your boyfriend die in a tragic accident? That's a spark.

Did you loss your job? That's a spark.

Were you so engrossed in a painting at a museum that you lost track of time? That's a spark.

Recognize the moments that moved you. That made you truly feel something. What last made you feel excited? What made you feel pumped up? What devastated you?

Those are all sparks.

3.) Ask yourself: what is my heart telling me?

Now that you've recognized a spark, you have to dig deep on it. Not all sparks are created equal.

You have to ask yourself: Are you truly interested and passionate about this spark? Will you get out of bed each morning and be excited about pursuing this spark? Or will it turn into a chore? Will it bore you in a few weeks or a few months? Does it have the staying power to keep you interested and engaged down the road? Cause it's gonna be a long road.

If you aren't truly on-board- in your heart of hearts- you'll never really commit.

It will burn out slowly, gaining less and less steam until it fades out into the night like an absolute fucking ghost.

4.) Now get smart about it.

Ok, now you're sure that you're in love with this idea- this spark- but now you have to be logical.

Do you have the time? Do you have the ability to make more time? What can you cut out from your life that will free up more time? Do you watch three hours of Netflix each night? Can you set your alarm for two hours earlier? Time never presents itself to you- you have to create time.

Do you have the financial resources to pursue this spark? Will you need hours and hours of violin lessons? A voice coach? A marketing consultant? What will it take to pull this off- and how can you drum up the money to do so?

Does it make practical sense? Note: not all goals and dreams are logical. But if it's a total fucking moon shot, then you may want to steer clear. Or- at least- recognize the absurdity, the absolute insanity of your goal, and commit anyway.

The point is to follow your heart- and then follow your head. Be smart.

5.) Plan.

Put a plan in place. Things are going to get interesting. You life is going to change in unfathomable ways.

Do you have support from those around you? If not, cut them out of your life. You ain't got time for downers or nay-sayers.

What do you need to do first? What is your very immediate step? Don't plan it all out. Don't think of every single step- that shit will just get overwhelming and discouraging. Instead, focus on just one immediate task that will put your wheels in motion.

That's all that it takes. One fucking step. One goddamn spark.

And then, get your big boy pants on. You're about to enter the next phase of the CRUSH Model. Are you ready? It's go time.

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