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What if you could ask some genuinely amazing people how they got where there are?  What if you had access to the secret sauce that made these people outstanding in their field?  And then what if you could apply those lessons to your own life and learn how to level up.  

You can. Not only can you do this, but you are meant for this.

Don’t be good when you can be great.  And then don’t stop at great.  Learn how to CRUSH. 


Discover the blueprint for unlocking your peak performance. 


I’ve done the academic research, so that you don’t have to. I’ve poured over the scholarly journals, collected the best of the best in research studies, and performed analyses ‘til my head spun. 


I’ve dug deep on Olympic and world champion athletes, high-altitude mountaineers, astronauts, race-car drivers, high-performing teams...and even supermodels.


And I've uncovered actionable steps that I'm sharing with you. 


Bottom line: if you want to pursue the extraordinary, you're in the right place. Read on. Learn how to CRUSH. 











C: Catalyst

There has to be a catalyst. An "Ah Ha" moment or event that gives you that big idea or fills you with a deep desire. Maybe something happens in your life that impacts you profoundly. You are ready for a change.


You must recognize this moment- this event- this catalyst- and grab the bull by the horns. 

R: Resolution

You are now on your journey. You know your goal, your North Star. And now, you must maintain an unshakable self-belief and inner arrogance that you CAN do anything you set your mind to.


You know- with full confidence- that your success is ain’t about hoping and wishing  

U: Unwavering

You must have laser focus on your goal, and total commitment to the journey. 


You're not there yet- but you're gaining all the necessary practice and expertise to achieve your target. 


You maintain the patience and discipline to achieve each step up on your ladder.

You can't stop. You won't stop.

S: Stamina

You must exert total control in pressure situations, and use that control to make hard decision. 


You remain in control of your destiny...knowing that you can grab the situation- and shape it according to what you want to happen. You will NOT be externally-controlled. 


You channel any anxiety into a source of fuel. You step up and get it done, no matter what is thrown at you. 




H: Habit

This cycle is now so engrained in you that it becomes your habit- your way of always going through life. 


When you have failures or mistakes, you bounce back quickly- and you know that it only makes you stronger and smarter.


When you reach your goal- you celebrate that success, and then you start all over again on a new, bigger goal. You are never complacent. You keep CRUSHING it.   

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