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Dr. Kate

Everyone has talent in their pocket. You just have to cultivate it and let it grow.

My Passion

I am an extraordinaryaholic who comes from a lineage of bad-ass dare devils, innovative engineers, and elite athletes. One my resume you can find things like: NASA scientist, corporate consultant and entrepreneur. What all of my experiences and research has taught me is that the formula for success is the same. Now I'm on a mission to share it with you, with actionable tips, stories, and insights that will allow you to unlock the next level of personal performance in your life.

Whether you are long suffering extraordiaryaholic or new to the game, I invite you to join me as we share the stories and insights that will allow all of us to reimagine what we can all make possible.


You're looking

to Level Up

I’ve been digging in on this for over a decade. Way back when, I spent summers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and developed a teamwork training model for astronauts flying in long-duration deep space exploration missions, aka: MARS! That work became my PhD dissertation and allowed me to put Doctor before my name. Bonafide AF. 


Now, I’m continuing my original research and through the power of storytelling- I’m uncovering even more secrets of success. 


But instead of locking myself alone in a room and writing boring academic articles (although I’ve done a lot of that, too), I’m sharing my findings with the world. With you. On this website. 


So if you’re looking for your peak performance...if you’re looking to take it to the next level...if you’re wanting to CRUSH, subscribe, join the community, and listen to the DAUNTLESS podcast.  


Join me as I unlock the science of achieving the extraordinary. 

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