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Goodbye Mountains! Helloooo Big City!

Ah the joys of moving. Boxes overflowing everywhere. Sore back and shoulders from hauling shit up and down, up and down. Living out of suitcases until everything is eventually unpacked. Trying to decide where stuff should go in the new house. What a party.

But I loooove it. I love change. I love mixing shit up every few years. It energizes me.

And this move is a BIG one. We’ve lived in the most charming, most idyllic, most peaceful little mountain town for the past four years. And we love it. We have a funky little mid-century modern house that we adore. We brought our daughter home from the hospital to that house. We hosted dozens of raucous parties in that house. We built the backyard of our dreams at that house.

And we just finished remodeling it. Like three weeks ago. We finally got it exactly how we wanted it…and now- we just don’t want to be there anymore. We want change.

So we bought a super modern, entirely urban townhouse in Denver/Arvada. That’s right: we’re moving back into the city.

We’re so excited to be able to walk to incredible restaurants, breweries and parks. We’re craving being back in the middle of all the action. We love going to business meet-ups, networking events, and all the awesome socializing that happens in urban areas. Plus- this townhouse = no maintenance. No house projects. Total freedom and flexibility. Seems like a big ol’ breath of fresh air.

And it’s funny, right? Because right now- people are still pretty quarantined and holed up. A lot of folks are still scared and nervous about being out in public. Covid has been some nasty, nasty shit, yes? And yet- while people are trying to get OUT of cities, we’re moving right back in!

So we moved into the townhouse on Monday, and we just listed our adorable little Evergreen house for sale on Thursday. We debated renting it for a while- but decided that we want zero additional obligations or responsibilities. We need to be foot loose and fancy free.

But in the meantime, there’s all this unpacking to do….


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