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Hi. I'm Dr Kate

And I'm your new sidekick. 

I'm on a mission to help. To help YOU. 

You know there’s gotta be a way to level up your life, without all the confusion or fear. In fact, you’re just SURE of it!


Crushing goals is easy when you have a formula. 


I promise.


Achieving the next step in your life is simple, when you know how to overcome the BS, stay focused and create a plan. 


And I'm ready-set-GO to teach you all that (and then some!).


And- here’s why I believe in you.


You’re already a go-getter. You already have an itch and a hunger to change something, or to do something, or to start something brand spanking new in your life. 


And out of the whole wide internet, you found your way here. So what are you waiting for? Let's dive in. Start your journey with the tools and resources below. Then, drop me a line. Let's talk. 

The What

A science and research-backed approach to guide you to peak performance and smashing goals out of the park: The CRUSH Cycles.

The How

Dig into the links below


for Weekly Tips 

and learn how to level up by listening to the podcast


Let’s Engage

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